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Projects of the CRC 597

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The Future of the sovereign State of Law

A1: Trade liberalisation and social regulation in transnational structures
  Research team: Olga Batura, Henning Deters, Yuriy Fesh de Jour, Dr. Carola Glinski, Prof. Dr. Josef Falke (Project director), Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Christian Joerges (Project director)

A2: The Juridification of Dispute Settlement in International Law
  Research team: Dr. Kerstin Blome, Sarah Ehlers, Sebastian Eickenjäger, Hannah Franzki, Johan Horst, Dr. Nora Markard, Prof. Dr. Andreas Fischer-Lescano (Project director)

A3: Transnational Regulation and the Constitutional State
  Research team: Jan Benedikt Brönneke, Dr. jur. Olaf Dilling, Karsten Engelke, Dr. Martin Herberg, Dr. Alexandra Lindenthal, Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Hase (Project director), Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Gerd Winter (Project director)

A4: The Constitution of Global Commerce
  Research team: Jennie Auffenberg, Jennifer Brehmer, Insa Buchmann, Dr. Steffen Großmann, Dr. Hermann Hoffmann, Dr. Andreas Maurer, Dr. Jens Mertens, Federico Parise Kuhnle, Stephan von Harder, Christian Wesemann, Prof. Dr. Gralf-Peter Calliess (Project director), Prof. Dr. Jörg Freiling (Project director)

A6: Political autonomy in the EU multi-level legal system
  Research team: Dr. Tilman Krüger, Angelika Schenk, Benjamin Werner, Prof. Dr. Susanne K. Schmidt (Project director)

A7: Transformations of the State via Transnational Social Dialogues
  Research team: Philipp Gies, Tanja Kavur, Sonja Mangold, Aimee Waldon, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mückenberger (Project director), Prof. Dr. Katja Nebe (Project director)
The Future of the Democratic National State

B1: Legitimating States, International Regimes, and Economic Orders
  Research team: Dominika Biegon, Dr. Jennifer Gronau, PD Dr. Sebastian Haunss, Falk Lenke, Dr. Tanja Pritzlaff, Henning Schmidtke, Dr. Steffen Schneider, Prof. Dr. Frank Nullmeier (Project director)

B3: The Transnationalization of Public Spheres in the EU: Citizens' (re)actions
  Research team: Monika Elsler, Dr. Swantje Lingenberg, Anne Mollen, Johanna Möller, Dr. Anke Offerhaus, Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp (Project director)

B6: Effects of the Transformation of the Welfare State on Political Party Competition
  Research team: Hanna Schwander, Prof. Dr. Philip Manow (Project director)
The Future of the "last" Intervention State

C1: Welfare State Transformation in Small Open Economies: Social Effects and Political Reactions
  Research team: Lukas Fervers, Dr. Monika Ewa Kaminska, Dr. Edith Obinger-Gindulis, Prof. Dr. Stephan Leibfried (Project director), Prof. Dr. Herbert Obinger (Project director)

C3: The Changing Role of the State in OECD Health Care Systems
  Research team: Dr. Lorraine Frisina Doetter, Achim Schmid, Prof. Dr. Heinz Rothgang (Project director)

C4: International Education Politics
  Research team: Alexander Akbik, Dr. Tonia Bieber, Timm Fulge, Philipp Knodel, Dr. Dennis Niemann, Marie Popp, Dr. Janna Teltemann, Eva Maria Vögtle, Prof. Dr. Kerstin Martens (Project director), Prof. Dr. Michael Windzio (Project director)

C6: The Role of the State in the Transformation of Accounting Regimes (assoc.)
  Research team: Steffen Bohm, Dipl.-Kfm. Jan Hendrik Hammermeister, Dipl.-Kfm. Tim-Frederik Oehr, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jochen Zimmermann (Project director)

C7: Retreat of the State from Entrepreneurial Activities: Privatization Policy and Cutback of Subsidies in OECD countries, 1980-2010
  Research team: Katharina Crößmann, Dr. Andreas Etling, Philipp Krügel, Dr. Carina Schmitt, Dr. Philipp Schuster, Prof. Dr. Herbert Obinger (Project director), Prof. Dr. Stefan Traub (Project director)
The Future of the Modern Territorial State

D1: The Tax State and International Tax Policies
  Research team: Dr. Hanna Lierse, Henning Schmidtke, Dr. Laura Seelkopf, Dr. Hongyan Yang, Prof. Dr. Philipp Genschel (Project director), Prof. Dr. Stefan Traub (Project director)

D4: From "Containers" to "Open States"? Border Regime Change and the Mobility of Persons
  Research team: Dr. Heike Brabandt, Dr. Lena Laube, Natascha Zaun, Prof. Dr. Steffen Mau (Project director)

D6: Transformation of the State as Employer: Public Employees’ Role Perception and their Interest Representation in International Comparison
  Research team: Dr. Jan-Ocko Heuer, Sylvia Hils, Andreas Häberle, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Kittel, Sandra Kohl, Markus Tepe, Prof. Dr. Karin Gottschall (Project director)

D7: Responses to Trade-offs in Post-national Security Policy
  Research team: Katharina Emschermann, Heiner Fechner, Martha Kautzky, Steffen Kommer, Berenike Prem, Prof. Dr. Andreas Fischer-Lescano (Project director), Prof. Dr. Peter Mayer (Project director)
Executive board

Z: Executive board
  Research team: Claudia Böllersen, Dörthe Hauschild, Tristan Hoff, Dörthe Meyfeld, Monika Sniegs, Helga Weidauer, Prof. Dr. Stephan Leibfried (Project director), Dr. Dieter Wolf (Project director)