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Executive board

The responsibilities of the executive board include the general support of the scientific subprojects, the internal coordination of work as well as the external coordination with supporting institutions, the state of Bremen and the German Research Foundation as well as the distribution of research results via print and online media.

Responsibilities of the executive board:

  • Management and general coordination of the CRC as well as external communications by the director.
  • Internal organisation as well as coordination of the network of institutions of participating universities and research institutions through the executive manager.
  • Administration of finances (DFG-Funds and basic equipment of the University of Bremen) and its personnel.
  • Translation and proof-reading of scientific texts published by the CRC.
  • Organisation of events as well as support for guest lecturers and guest speakers.
  • Public relations such as the creation of flyers, print and online publications and newsletters.
  • Maintenance and development of the website.
  • Training courses for members on software packages used by the research network.
  • Intake, administration and development of the library.
  • Setting up, maintenance and development of IT and hardware.
  • Setting up, maintenance and development of the network infrastructure with other research institutions and the campus net.
  • Management of technical equipment (photo copier, scanner, beamer).