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Project area D

The Future of the Modern Territorial State

In sub-projects of project area D the transformation of the state will be examined in the dimension of resources, which is the fundamental and oldest dimension of the state. The state is a territorial state here, which – in the purpose of the classic political science of Georg Jellinek (Allgemeine Staatslehre 1900) – can reinforce its inner and foreign state authority within a certain national territory and over the people living in this territory by certain institutionally secured regulation and control over certain material, personnel, and infrastructural resources.

The main problem of the territorial state is the activation, configuration and protection of national operation resources. Important for that if the normative good security in its double meaning of protections against threats (our consulting competence has been enhanced by studies on the ambivalences of security policy in D7), and of protection of the continuance of collective capacity to act for public purposes.