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Project area A

The Future of the sovereign State of Law

In the sub-project of the project area A the transition in the dimension of law of statehood will be examined. The focus of the analyses will be to bring forward the normative good of constitutionality, i.e. the establishment of constitutionality, legality of administration, and equality before the law as well as security of fundamental rights, of the political rights and of the democratic process. This conceptualization of the normative good constitutionality is meaningfully linked for a social science perspective and a jurisprudential perspective.

A social science-based approach is found in sub-projects of political theories of international relations and of integration studies, but also in the political economy and economic sociology as well as in a wide spectrum of social science-based studies made in the respective research field. An overlapping jurisprudential reference point of interdisciplinary research for international law, international administrative law und international business law is the discussion about constitutionalization. The main question is about legitimate and legally placed governance, i.e. about a re-conceptualization of the aforementioned constitutionality in a post-national constellation of transformed statehood.