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Measuring Transformation: A mixed-method-approach to the internationalization of education politics
Despite of their methodological and practical significance mixed-method-designs have so far largely been neglected by political science. In this working paper, we elaborate a mixed-methods-design combining qualitative methods, such as expert interviews and document analysis, and quantitative methods, such as network and regression analysis. This mixed-methods-approach is illustrated making use of an ongoing research project. After a detailed discussion of the respective strengths and weaknesses of the single methodical strategies applied we reconsider how their distinct logics can most fruitfully be intertwined to counterbalance their shortcomings and to pool their strengths. Here, we place special emphasis on the implementation timing and point to the particular advantages of concurrent implementation of methods over so called sequential designs.
No. 083/2009
Alexander-Kenneth Nagel
Tonia Bieber
Anja P. Jakobi
Philipp Knodel
Dennis Niemann
Janna Teltemann

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