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Globalisierung oder Integration. Korrespondenzprobleme bei der empirischen Erfassung von Globalisierungsprozessen
The indicators most commonly used to measure the phenomenon of globalization are the indicators of economic integration. This study examines the validity of these indicators and proposes alternative ones, whose validity is also tested. This requires a precise definition of the term globalization. The increase in and the geographical extension of cross-border social interaction is identified as a meaning suitable as a basis for consensus. The test of the validity of common and alternative indicators is to be carried out in three steps. The analyses of content validity, of convergent/discriminant validity and of construct validity all demonstrate that the common indicators of economic integration are not sufficiently valid to measure globalization. This means that the results of respective studies, especially on a global scale, may be seen as questionable. Since the alternative indicators proposed here meet the validity criterion, the previously identified problem of correspondence between the theoretical construct and the empirical indicators of globalization can be solved.
No. 053/2007
Johannes Kessler

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