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Deutschland in der „Multilateralismusfalle“? Reaktionen auf Zielkonflikte der internationalen Sicherheitspolitik in der out-of-area-Debatte 1992-1994
International deployments of the Bundeswehr are the latest sign that Germany has come of age in its foreign and security policy. Whenever ahead, however, they spur a lively debate on the promises and drawbacks of internationalized security arrangements such as the UN, EU and NATO. They illustrate both the entangling tendency of international organization and the inherent dangers of a military intervention. Based on a frame analysis of the out-of area debate at the beginnings of the 1990s, this paper examines the meaning contest waged between the government, the opposition and the Federal Constitutional Court over the consequences of internationalization processes in the realm of security. Multilateralism, as the findings suggest, has virtually become an unwritten constitutional principle: The discourse has focused less on whether Germany should pursue its security policy through international organizations but on which institutions should be strengthened and which national adaptations would desirable to keep pace with the internationalization processes.
No. 174/2013
Berenike Prem

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