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Wer gestaltet, wer verwaltet Reformen im öffentlichen Dienst? Ein Methodenvergleich zur Analyse von Arbeitsbeziehungen in Reformprozessen anhand der Polizei Brandenburg
This article deals with employment relations in the ongoing process of new public management reforms in the German police sector since the 1990s. The analysis of this matter is particularly challenging as appropriate quantitative data on bargaining of trade unions and employer in the reform process is not available and expert interviews are problematic because of the long period of time. Thus, we draw on existing publications of both, the Interior Ministry and the main police trade union. This media is subjected to a quantitative text analysis as well as a qualitative content analysis. Both methods point to a dynamic, in which the relation of the two parties was characterized by confrontation from the very beginning of the reform process in 1998 due to preceding cuts. After a long period of continuous aggravation of this conflict until 2008, the Ministry of the Interior sought to approach the employees’ side in recent years. While the strength of the quantitative text analysis lay in the spatial presentation of this development, qualitative content analysis proved to be useful for the provision of background information for validation and interpretation of the spatial model.
No. 170/2013
Jennie Auffenberg
Kamil Marcinkiewicz

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