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Die Mehrfachsegmentierung der europäischen Öffentlichkeit
A growing body of empirical research has established that the political integration of the European Union has been accompanied by a Europeanization of the national public spheres, even though the resulting European public sphere remains nationally segmented: While each country intensifies its critical discussion of EU politics, the discursive exchange among the European community of nations has stagnated. Based on a standardized content analysis of newspaper debates in six European countries (Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, and Poland) the working paper reappraises the stability of this pattern of ‚segmented Europeanization’ on the one hand for a new wave of data (for 2008) and on the other hand for the often neglected segment of the tabloid press. It can thus demonstrate how the interest in EU politics lessens in the quality press at the time of the global financial crisis while the tabloids display a (still) unbroken trend of vertical Europeanization, though at a much lower level. The exchange between European countries, however, continues to stagnate. The European public sphere appears to be segmented both by nations and by newspaper types, and should thus be considered as a multisegmented European public sphere.
No. 138/2010
Katharina Kleinen von Königslöw

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