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Kollidieren die Güter? Juridische und politische Reaktionen auf Zielkonflikte internationalisierter Sicherheitspolitik
To allow for the provision of external security against the background of more complex challenges and rising expectations after the Cold War, governments – particularly of the OECD – have decided to increase their cooperation within the framework of international security organizations such as the EU or NATO. This leads to a growing importance of the international level with novel responsibilities of advisory or implementing bodies, and the emergence of multilateral intervention politics. This transformation of national governance, however, gives rise to trade-offs with other normative goods, namely rule of law and democratic legitimacy. Since the internationalized security policy often causes severe intrusions into the sphere of law of individuals, national governments are thereby more difficult to control democratically. The paper describes the internationalization of security politics, discusses the issue of tensions amongst the three normative goods, and identifies a number of responses of judicial and political actors thereupon.
No. 130/2010
Sebastian Mayer

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