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Sicherheitspolitische Interventionen der Europäischen Union. Rahmenbedingungen, Kompetenzen und Interaktionsmuster
The study identifies the formal and informal framework, competences, and interaction patterns in intervention politics of the European Union. Interventions are being understood as multilateral attempts to prevent, resolve, and manage inner-state Conflicts. The paper also poses the question of whether a transfer of sovereignty in this field of activities can be observed, and if so, to what extent and through what process. The main conclusion is that due to the density of interactions within a complex system of a variety of national, supranational, and semi-supranational bodies, at least parts of intervention politics are dominated by communicative forms of interaction. On this background, the underlying procedures constitute a complex decision making system where neither intergovernmental nor supranational forms of interaction dominate, but rather a linkage between federal-like and intergovernmental structures can be identified.
No. 013/2005
Sebastian Mayer

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