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Transforming Education Policy in New Zealand. A Case Study Analysis
This study provides a comprehensive analysis of the changing face of New Zealand education policy over the past 25 years. It highlights the phase of socio-economic trans-formation in the late 1980s and its far-reaching impact on the education system, before turning to the last two decades, in which New Zealand’s education policy has been in-creasingly shaped by its system of education export, its willingness to engage in interna-tional comparison and its close cooperation with international organizations. The article also emphasizes the various domestic forces, which have shaped education policy-making. They include a unique willingness to experiment, pragmatism, and an underly-ing “culture of balance and inclusion”, which account for the high degree of flexibility and adaptiveness of the country’s secondary and tertiary education systems.
No. 097/2009
Michael Dobbins

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