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Wandel von Governance im Sozialstaat. Zur Implementation aktivierender Arbeitsmarktpolitik in Deutschland, Dänemark und Grossbritanien
In the present article we pose the question, if and how forms of governance are changing due to the implementation of activating labour market policy. Therefore the changes concerning the division of labour and regulation introduced by activating labour market policy is analysed in three Dimensions, namely in respect to 1. the welfare state and collective or corporatist actors; 2. the welfare state and welfare state clients and 3. the welfare state itself.
Comparative research on labour market policies in Germany, Denmark and Great Britain can so far confirm the general assumptions of the governance discourse that claims the “hollowing out of the state“ and a growing importance of the market and networks. In respect to governance change due to activating labour market policy this picture, however, has to be accomplished. Here we also can find growing coercion exercised by the state on welfare state clients as well as an increase of state provision which is expressed through forms of holistic governance and reflexive policy making.
No. 012/2005
Irene Dingeldey

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