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Through the Funhouse Looking Glass: Europe's Ship of States
What is the nature of the European Union? Does it have the characteristics of a state, and if so, which? We employ a single image—a poster that won a Marshall Plan competition in 1950—to examine the various legal perspectives of the EU that have emerged over the past six decades. Created as a symbol of European unity at the outset of European integration, the image was used half a century later on the book cover of Andrew Moravcsik's instant classic on intergovernmentalism. Here, we reinterpret the image yet again—in four different ways. This attempt to sort out the legal perspectives of the EU was inspired by the Lisbon Treaty Case that is currently before the German Constitutional Court and will be decided in May 2009.
No. 090/2009
Stephan Leibfried
Susan M. Gaines
Lorraine Frisina

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